DelBene Statement on Trump Shutdown


Tonight, Congresswoman Suzan DelBene (D-WA) made the following statement regarding President Trump's refusal to keep the federal government open.

"Earlier this week, Republicans and Democrats in Congress were ready to pass legislation that would keep the government open. Unfortunately, President Trump -- in an effort to appease hardline conservatives and Fox News -- chose to sabotage this deal and demand $5 billion to fund a wasteful border wall that won't make us any safer. House Republicans have now embraced President Trump's desire to shut down the government.

"The shutdown will result in roughly 800,000 federal employees being furloughed or working without pay, just in time for the holidays. They include forest service firefighters, Customs and Border Protection agents, and TSA employees. New home and small business loans will stop, many national parks will close, and the IRS won't be able to issue tax refunds. Our farmers will also take a hit as Farm Service county offices will close and much-needed aid from the Department of Agriculture will cease.

"Enough is enough. This president -- whose party also controls the House and Senate -- is incapable of passing a simple spending measure without manufacturing a needless crisis. It's time for President Trump to set aside his ego and do right by the people he is fortunate to serve."

Rep. DelBene represents Washington's first congressional district. She is a member of the Ways and Means Committee and the Budget Committee.