McKinley Calls for a Bipartisan Solution to the Shutdown


U.S. Representative David B. McKinley, P.E., (R-W.Va.) issued the following statement calling for a bipartisan solution that will re-open the government and provide funding to secure our border.

"Enough is enough. Both Democrats and Republicans need to stop digging in their heels and work to find a solution that allows federal employees to go back to work and provides adequate funding for border security. We can't let this shutdown drag on; federal employees and all American families deserve a resolution. All parties should come to the table and accept a reasonable offer that could include certainty for Dreamers in exchange for funding for border security," Rep. McKinley said. "If by next Thursday, there still isn't a solution, then President Trump could take the issue of border security into his own hands by declaring a national emergency. With that declaration there should be no reason to not re-open the government."

"For years our Southern border has been used by drug cartels, sex traffickers and criminals to enter illegally, but recently it has also become a humanitarian crisis. We have seen a drastic increase in unaccompanied minors and families entering through the Southern border. We need to address the crisis at the border immediately," Rep. McKinley said. "In the past, Congress has worked to pass bipartisan legislation to address this crisis. President Trump is requesting $5.7 billion, just 10% of what was approved in the bipartisan Securing Fence Act of 2006 to help secure our border."