Stanton: President Should Seize Opportunity for "Permanent Solution for DREAMers' in SOTU Address


Date: Feb. 4, 2019
Location: Washington, DC
Issues: Immigration

In advance of tomorrow evening's State of the Union Address, Rep. Greg Stanton said he hopes the President seizes the opportunity to signal his willingness to find a permanent solution for DREAMers.

"Hundreds of thousands of young people face uncertain futures, and there is strong bipartisan support for making sure DREAMers are a permanent part of the American fabric," said Stanton. "There is a real opportunity for the President to appeal to the better angels of our nature and make finding a solution for DREAMers a top priority. I hope he takes it, and we can get something done."

DACA recipient Ellie Perez will join Stanton as his guest at tomorrow's address.