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Congresswoman Robin Kelly Responds to Heavily Redacted Mueller Report and Behavior of Attorney General Barr


Date: April 18, 2019
Location: Washington, DC

Congresswoman Robin Kelly, a member of the House Oversight Committee, released this statement following the release of the heavily redacted Mueller Report and the bizarre behavior of Attorney General Barr:

"The manner in which this critically important report was released is a slap in the face to the intelligence of the American people.

The American people deserve to know how and why Russians attacked and undermined our elections. Likewise, they deserve to know what President Trump has done to protect himself, his family, his allies and his businesses. The release of a heavily REDACTED Mueller Report is NOT democracy nor is it transparency.

What we can see from the Mueller Report makes it clear that the President is NOT exonerated because there is evidence against the President, his Administration and his allies.

I stand with Judiciary Chairman Nadler and Oversight Chairman Cummings as they use the full powers of their gavels -- given to them and House Democrats by the American people - to get the truth.

In particular, I look forward to Special Counselor Mueller's testimony before Congress. In stark contrast to the President and the rest of his Administration, Special Counselor Mueller is a dedicated and decorated veteran and highly respected for his integrity on both sides of the aisle. I want to hear directly from the Special Counselor and not a politically-motivated Attorney General who actively auditioned for the job by promising to protect the President.

Furthermore, it is impossible to discuss the release of the REDACTED Mueller Report without discussing Attorney General Barr and his bizarre behavior. To be clear, one cannot be the defense attorney of President Trump and the Attorney General of the American People.

Today, Attorney General Barr sacrificed his legacy, integrity and credibility on the altar of Trump discipleship."