Inhofe Praises Trump Executive Orders on Energy and Economic Growth


U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) praised President Trump today for signing two executive orders that will reduce regulations on pipeline construction and energy infrastructure.

"President Trump's executive orders confirm what we know in Oklahoma--that responsible production of coal, oil and gas will fuel the economy and provide affordable energy for American families to cook their meals and heat their homes. These executive orders will modernize and adapt outdated agency regulations and guidance to today's standards and technologies, making it easier to get energy infrastructure projects off the ground.

"I am especially pleased that the executive order enacts my proposed reforms to the water quality certification process to stop activist state governments from blocking projects they deem politically unsavory for reasons that have nothing to do with water quality.

Yesterday, Inhofe joined Senators Barrasso, Daines, Capito, Enzi and Cramer in reintroducing legislation to reform the Section 401 permitting process