Letter to Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives - Rep. Chip Roy's Letter To Speaker Pelosi On Sticking To Spending Caps


Dear Speaker Pelosi,

We write to respectfully request that you only bring forward spending measures which adhere to the budget caps put in place by the Budget Control Act ("BCA") of 2011, as amended.

As you know, our nation recently surpassed $22 trillion in debt. With every hour that passes, we add $100 million to that figure. That is unconscionable. That must end.

We know that if we simply hold to current spending levels--even assuming today's historically low interest rates--spending on interest alone will surpass defense spending within 5 years. Medicare is slated to run out of funds by 2026 and Social Security is slated to run out of funds by 2035.

The good news is that current law is on our side to restrain spending. Congress should hold overall spending to the caps levels already in place while ensuring our men and women in uniform have the tools necessary to do their job. Doing so would be a modest step on a path towards balancing the budget.

We respectfully request that you adhere to the existing spending caps currently in law in order to preserve our ability to defend our nation, protect our seniors, and pass down a strong Republic to the next generation of Americans.

If we can't at least agree to stick to the caps, we will cease to be the "land of opportunity," where one's circumstances at birth needn't define one's life trajectory.

Hold to the caps, budget like American families do every day, and let's work on a bipartisan basis to ensure a bright future for our sons and daughters