Hartzler on the U.S.-Japan trade agreement talks


Date: Sept. 27, 2019
Location: Washington, DC

Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler (MO-4) responds to the announcement by the White House that the United States and Japan have completed a limited tariff agreement and are in talks for a final comprehensive free trade agreement between the nations. With nearly 127 million people and the third largest economy, Japan is the fourth most important trading partner for the United States.

"I'm thrilled to hear that President Trump and the U.S. Trade Representative's office are closing in on this deal with Japan. This agreement is a big win for Missouri agriculture. Japan imports a half-billion dollars' worth of goods produced in Missouri and is the largest market in terms of value for U.S. pork exports. Missouri's beef, poultry, and ethanol industries stand to make big gains with this new agreement," Hartzler said.

The limited tariff agreement means that Japan will eliminate or drastically reduce its import tariffs on $7.2 billion of American-produced agricultural goods. The agreement outright eliminates tariffs on important U.S. products including grain sorghum, walnuts, sweet corn, and others.

Additionally, it includes a staged tariff reduction for fresh and frozen beef and pork, as well as wheat, cheese, frozen poultry, egg products, and ethanol. Preferential market access to Japan will be granted through Country Specific Quotas for several products including wheat, wheat products, corn starch, and glucose.

According to the U.S. Trade Representative's Office, the agreement means that 90 percent of all U.S. exports to Japan will be duty-free at the time of implementation.

"Missouri's agriculture industry has a lot to offer, and as an honored representative of our agriculture community, I'm committed to ensuring that our hardworking farmers and ranchers have access to important global markets.

"I applaud President Trump and his team's work on this agreement and agreements to come. I look forward to continue working with my colleagues and this administration to keep moving Missouri's agriculture forward," Hartzler concluded.

Congresswoman Hartzler represents Missouri's Fourth Congressional District. She serves on the House Armed Services Committee, where she is the Ranking Member of the Tactical Air and Land Forces Subcommittee.