Fudge Statement on Federal Trade Aid Program


Date: Nov. 12, 2019
Location: Washington, DC

Today, Rep. Marcia L. Fudge, Chair of the House Agriculture Subcommittee on Nutrition, Oversight, and Department Operations, issued the following statement on the Administration's aid program for farmers hurt by the Administration's trade war, and the Administration's simultaneous tightening of eligibility rules for food insecure families:

"Families in rural, urban and suburban communities are struggling. As a direct result of the Administration's trade war, farmers across the country require assistance because of the uncertainty caused by this Administration's rash trade decisions.

"It is extremely telling that the Administration is doing everything it can to delegate staff time and rush money to the very farmers hurt by their policies, while at the same time taking more and more extreme steps to limit the amount of assistance available to food insecure families.

"They all need and deserve help, but as recent reports and letters have highlighted, the USDA's temporary fix is plagued with holes, and I'm concerned that the Administration is at risk of failing both farmers and food insecure families alike."