McCarthy Speaks at Press Conference on the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

Date: March 26, 2020

"Across America, people are coming together. They are making sacrifices and lifting each other up. This is who we are as a country.

"In this battle, we are all neighbors and it is that unbreakable bond that will get us through this.

"And then you have our real everyday heroes -- medical professionals, our postal workers, truck drivers, supermarket employees, warehouse operators, and drivers working in the gig economy that are helping keep small businesses afloat.

"They are on the front lines, helping us push through this challenge and we could not be more grateful for their sacrifices.

"Our job in Congress should be to reinforce their efforts and that is what the CAREs ACT will accomplish. [It] will directly assist… the American family… the American worker… healthcare workers and hospitals… and businesses, especially small businesses…

"We are working for every American in this country and we want them to know help is on the way. Sadly, there are some individuals in Congress who -- even in the midst of a pandemic -- who are still looking out for their own interests…

"Those people want to debate our election laws, the Green New Deal, and sanctuary cities in the middle of a bill meant to give assistance to struggling families, health, and security…

"The Speaker herself just said, "Every day, every week that is wasted on not taking this seriously is a problem.' I agree. And yet for days, Democrats stalled this bill.

"The truth is it is essentially the same legislation that was proposed on Sunday by Leader McConnell. [This] is the type of game that has to stop being played in Washington…

"Every day and every minute [wasted] is a disgrace. That's why i'm thankful that, finally, the bill we had Sunday… is the bill we'll have tomorrow… Let's never [again] see somebody try to [exploit] a crisis for their own political gain. Let's put this country first."