Lofgren Statement on Third Coronavirus Relief Bill


Date: March 27, 2020
Location: San Jose, CA

Today, U.S. Representative Zoe Lofgren (CA-19) issued the below statement on the third coronavirus supplemental bill:

"I support the bipartisan agreement reached on the Senate Amendment to H.R. 748, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

"This bill will provide immediate relief to my constituents in California's 19th District by providing direct cash payments to families, expanding unemployment, infusing $150 billion investment in our healthcare system, and supporting small businesses with hundreds of billions that will also ensure continued employment for America's workers.

"As one of the hardest hit communities in the country, we know that Santa Clara County cannot afford to wait any longer. Our hospitals, health centers, and county health officials specifically need the healthcare investment immediately to add capacity, work toward universal testing, and procure more masks, gloves, and gowns to guarantee our healthcare workers have the appropriate protections to do their jobs safely and effectively.

"Families in our community and around the country need immediate assistance in the form of direct cash payments and expanded unemployment insurance (UI). This week a record number of Americans filed unemployment claims. They need this substantial expansion and reform of UI benefits, which includes a $600 increase in the weekly maximum benefit and coverage for self-employed and gig economy workers, like the thousands of tech industry workers in Silicon Valley.

"California small businesses need the $350 billion lifeline to help cover rent, mortgage, and utility payments and keep workers employed so that they can pick up where they left off when this crisis is over. In addition, the $10 billion for small business emergency grants will provide entrepreneurs and family-sustaining employers in Santa Clara County with more immediate assistance.

"The CARES Act also includes $25 billion for public transit agencies, like the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority, to keep service running while keeping employees and passengers safe. An additional $3 billion dollars in grants will keep contracted workers employed at our nation's airports, including at San Jose Mineta International Airport.

"This bill will provide much needed and awaited relief for American workers, families, small businesses, and healthcare systems, but it is apparent that more will need to be done. I will continue to work with my colleagues in the House and Senate to address specific community needs in future legislation."