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Wasserman Schultz to Cast Floor Vote on Coronavirus Relief Package


U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (FL-23) is traveling to Washington DC this morning to vote in favor of a $2 trillion economic relief package. This legislation resulted from bipartisan, bicameral negotiations. The same bill passed 96-0 in the Senate, and it was expected to enjoy similar House support in a voice vote that would not require mass Member travel. However, she will vote in person due to the threat of a GOP procedural maneuver, which if successful, would endanger its passage. She issued this statement on today's vote:

"Using a parliamentary threat to sabotage low-wage workers, hospitals and small businesses from swiftly receiving the financial relief they so desperately need, is more than just cynical grandstanding, it is dangerous. To pull this stunt amid a global pandemic will needlessly place hundreds of people -- Members, staff, support workers and all their families -- into a world of unwelcome anxiety and unwise public health interactions, regardless of the precautions.

This may prove to be no more than a hubristic bluff by an attention-starved Member. But if not, I will do all I can today to help every American avoid an even harsher disruption than the one that is already being unleashed on all of us right now. Today's vote is a political game for no American -- but one."