Congressman Dan Kildee on President Trump's Mobilization of U.S. Military Against American Citizens


"The U.S. military fights America's enemies. The American people are not the enemy. Using the military to put down peaceful protests happens in dictatorships, not democracies.

"The overwhelming majority of Americans who have taken to the streets have been non-violent. Millions of Americans are exercising their First Amendment rights and peacefully speaking out against injustices in our society, including the murder of George Floyd. The concerns of our fellow Americans are legitimate and deserve our respect. On the other hand, the small number of people who have resorted to violence and looting are not supported by the peaceful protesters or the American people.

"America is at a moment of reckoning. Never before have we had a President so openly use his office to divide our country. Our leaders are supposed to bring people together, not sow divisions. Make no mistake--the President is intentionally igniting tensions ahead of a presidential election. The President's actions are dangerous and a threat to our democracy"