Letter to William Barr, Attorney General, and Eric S. Dreiband, Assistant Attorney General - Arbery Investigation


Dear Attorney General Barr and Assistant Attorney General Dreiband,

As Members of the Georgia Congressional Delegation, we respectfully request that the United States Department of Justice use all possible Federal resources to achieve full justice, transparency, and accountability in the case of Mr. Ahmaud Arbery.

On February 23, 2020, Mr. Ahmaud Arbery was killed while running in the Satilla Shores neighborhood outside of Brunswick, Georgia. For months, Mr. Arbery's family and the community endured their loss without the answers they are entitled to under the law. Across our state, our constituents are increasingly alarmed as we learn additional details about the case and its handling. For these reasons, we believe a full investigation, with robust Federal support, is warranted.

In particular, we encourage you to honor Georgia Attorney General Carr's efforts and actions, and we hope the Department will provide strong assistance to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation's (GBI) inquiries regarding the criminal investigation and possible misconduct. As GBI conducts its investigation, Federal authorities and resources must provide unequivocal, unbiased technical aid and resources for this critical process.

This devastating case and alarming video brought a national spotlight to our beloved home state. For these reasons no stone should be left unturned in ensuring a fair, thorough, and lawful process. Justice cannot exist in a democracy that does not fiercely enforce equality under the law.

As always, we appreciate your consideration of our concerns on this grave matter, and we hope that you will give this request every full and fair consideration consistent with applicable law, rules, and regulations.