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Letter to Eugene Scalia, Department of Labor Secretary - Cantwell Leads Washington State Lawmakers in Letter Calling for Support for Boeing Workers


Dear Secretary Scalia:

We are writing in support of the recently filed Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) petition to assist the 9,843 workers, including on-site contractors, at Boeing's commercial aircraft facilities throughout the Puget Sound and Moses Lake regions of Washington who have already been laid off or who will be by the end of July. These workers are being displaced, in part, due to trade pressures and international economic conditions.

Boeing is the largest private employer in Washington state, employing approximately 72,000 total employees who work at facilities across Washington. These workers contribute to their local economies and support approximately 64,000 additional direct and indirect jobs in the aerospace supply chain throughout the state. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that these workers receive the retraining and reemployment resources available through TAA certification. Such a certification will allow them to get back on their feet more quickly, support their families, and continue making critical contributions to their communities and our economy.

We urge you to review this TAA application in a timely manner, consistent with all applicable rules and regulations, to ensure that these trade-affected workers receive the assistance they need to obtain employment services and maintain their financial stability.

Thank you for your consideration on behalf of the workers at Boeing's facilities throughout the state of Washington.