Issue Position: National Security

Issue Position

The primary responsibility expressly outlined for the federal government in the Constitution is providing for national defense. Congress faces no greater duty than ensuring that members of our armed forces have the training, equipment, and funding necessary to protect citizens of the United States and our interests abroad.

After the tragedies of September 11th, it is clear that our national security is dependent not only on protection from hostile countries, but also from terrorists bent on the mass murder of American citizens. Congressman McHenry supports global efforts to track down and eliminate terrorists. We must prevent rogue regimes in North Korea and Iran from giving nuclear technology to terrorists.

While he was not in Congress at the time the decisions were made to invade Afghanistan and Iraq, Patrick McHenry has consistently voted to provide our troops with the tools and support they need, including a 2.3 percent pay increase. With Russia's aggressive actions in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, instability spreading across the Middle East from ISIS to Syria to Iran, Afghanistan remaining a work in progress, and China expanding their influence in Asia, we must protect our national defense and readiness.