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Issue Position: Border and Immigration

Issue Position

Date: Jan. 1, 2020

My position on the border is simple: We must build the wall.

We can't keep our country safe if we don't secure the border. For more than a decade, the Border Patrol has asked for the tools to do their job. The Border Wall is a powerful enforcement tool and a force multiplier. I visit with our Border Patrol agents frequently and they've shown me that a handful of agents can effectively patrol a mile of fenced border, while hundreds of agents are needed to patrol that same mile of open border.

The wall also makes it possible to apprehend criminals crossing the border, particularly drug smugglers and human traffickers.

When San Diego's US Attorney refused to prosecute human smugglers, I fought to provide more resources for prosecution and ultimately, because of my work, the President fired and replaced the US Attorney with one who would enforce the law.

In addition to border enforcement, I believe we must focus equally on interior enforcement, removing those who have overstayed visas and entered the country on false pretenses. The rule of law must be restored before Congress can work to reform our legal immigration laws.