Amash says Jorgensen will show America a better way

Press Release

Date: July 10, 2020
Issues: Elections

Enthusiastic Libertarian delegates erupted in applause throughout presidential nominee Dr. Jo Jorgensen's acceptance speech on Friday at the party's national convention.

"Get ready to get on your phones and keyboards, to knock on doors whenever and wherever you can, to let people know that there is a better option," she said. "The old parties have tried to keep us down, but not this time."

Citing federal government failures such as the mishandling of the pandemic, Jorgensen said, "I believe this is the most important presidential election of our time."

She called for a free market in health care and covered topics from the environment to lower taxes, and from spending to war, and drew multiple standing ovations.

Party members convened at the Orange County, Fla. convention center in Orlando for Part II of a two-part convention, which will Congressman Amashrun through Sunday. Part I was held on line in May, when they nominated Jorgensen and her running mate, Jeremy "Spike" Cohen.

Cohen addressed the delegates as well, and was also met with deep appreciation and multiple standing ovations.

The convention was bifurcated in order to accommodate both the need for an earlier date to meet state filing deadlines and travel restrictions prompted by the novel coronavirus.

Justin Amash, the first Libertarian congressman in U.S. history, addressed the delegates remotely with inspiring words. His remarks included:

"The Libertarian Party is America's party. Our principles are America's principles. They're the principles of the vast majority of people in this country, even if some of them don't yet realize it.

"I joined the Libertarian Party because I'm ready to show America there's a better way, and together, we will. And we start by making sure there's no one in this country who hasn't heard of Jo Jorgensen before the November election.

"Jo Jorgensen is the only presidential candidate this cycle committed to both balancing the federal budget and bringing home the troops.

"Cutting burdensome regulations and ending corporate welfare.

"Expanding free markets and fixing our criminal justice system.

"Ending unconstitutional surveillance and ending qualified immunity.

"And protecting everyone's rights--all rights. This is what Americans want."