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America is A Great Nation

Floor Speech

Date: July 23, 2020
Location: Washington, DC


Mr. NORMAN. Mr. Speaker, I want to thank the gentleman for having this Special Order. It couldn't come at a more unique time. The history, defining America's values, our culture, and our heritage, now more than ever, need to be spotlighted.

The gentleman summed it up well. It boils down to three things, faith, family, and country; faith, family, and country.

America finds herself in an hour of peril. In the recent weeks and months, we have seen the unhinging of civil order and the near collapse of the rule of law in certain cities.

This Chamber should serve as the shining example for the rest of our great country. Sadly, we are failing to live up to that expectation. Instead of open and honest debate, we are allowing the ``cancel culture'' to creep inside these hallowed Halls that have stood for centuries.

We hear calls for a ``national conversion,'' a ``wider debate,'' or a ``public reckoning,'' and every day, we are denied it. A new regime of liberal gatekeepers is intent on enforcing this new dogma, even in institutions previously sworn to uphold the importance of the free exchange of ideas.

Instead of opportunities for many in America to grow and evolve through discourse, Americans are now losing their livelihood and loved ones over newly invented apostasies. I invite my colleagues on the other side of the aisle to join me in denouncing this uncivil and, to be honest with you, un-American way of disagreeing. We must remind the American people of our beautiful land what it looks like to agreeably disagree.

From the exchange of ideas, we can achieve the negotiations and compromises that make up the foundation and the fabric of this great Nation and are the stepping-stones to a more perfect Union.

The Federal Government has an obligation to make sure that any institution it supports upholds the Bill of Rights, including the right of freedom of speech.

It does not give you, however, the right to tear down this great Nation. It does not give you the right to tear down people's dreams, money that was put in, dollars that were put in to building a lifelong business, to destroy.

You do not build America up by tearing down America. We cannot do this in the current state of cancelation.

Until we can once again welcome disagreement, debate, and a healthy exchange of ideas, I fear for our future; I fear for our children; and I fear for our grandchildren.

In the words of Winston Churchill, who had the fantastic quote when Great Britain was under siege by Germany, he said:

There will be a time when doing your best is not good enough. We must do what is required.

And I will call on all Americans and, really, on both sides of the aisle, to do what is required to keep America great; to make it even greater; and to go for what made this country great, to uphold our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and our God-given freedoms that can only come from God.

Mr. Speaker, I thank Congressman Arrington for having this Special Order.