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Rep. Spano Invests in Florida's Space Presence

Press Release

Date: July 31, 2020
Location: Washington, DC

Last night, U.S. Representative Ross Spano (R-FL) passed an amendment to invest in Florida's Space industry.

"Space is the next frontier and the State of Florida is strategically positioned to play a crucial role in its exploration," said Spano. "From defense, to civilian, to commercial purposes, space will be critical in ensuring America stays at the forefront of space travel and stands up to rivals like Russia and China, who are actively working to weaponize space."

Spano's amendment supports the Office of Commercial Space Transportation which is the branch of the United States Federal Aviation Administration that approves any commercial rocket launch operations -- that is, any launches that are not classified as model, amateur, or "by and for the government" -- in the case of a U.S. launch operator and/or a launch from the United States. Rep. Spano also sits on the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee, which has active jurisdiction over this office and is responsible for long-term planning of our nation's infrastructure projects.

"By wisely investing in Florida's space industry, we are creating jobs and opportunities for Floridians for years to come," added Spano.

Most recently, Rep. Spano and the Florida delegation wrote a letter urging the U.S. Air Force to choose Florida for Space Command Headquarters. "Florida has long been a leader in America's efforts in space. In fact, every American manned mission to space, including SpaceX's recent successful Crew Dragon launch, began its voyage on Florida soil," the lawmakers wrote.

For more information visit Spano.House.Gov.