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Johnson Statement on House Mailbox Myths Vote


Date: Aug. 22, 2020
Location: Washington, DC

I'm just about to leave Washington D.C. after returning early this morning to vote. Not on anything coronavirus or stimulus related, but instead on the latest controversy drummed up by Speaker Pelosi and her liberal left allies surrounding the United States Post Office (USPS).

There is no doubt the USPS plays a critically important role in connecting much of rural America with the rest of the world. But, the USPS's financial difficulties are well known -- it has lost more than $78 billion since 2007, and the General Accounting Office (GAO) describes the USPS's business model as "not financially sustainable." This issue didn't just appear overnight as many on the left would have you believe. The removal of mail boxes is also not new: 14,000 of them were removed during the Obama administration.

What did happen, however, over the last couple of weeks, is that Democrats conjured up yet another fake scandal in an attempt to hurt President Trump. Speaker Pelosi recently claimed that seniors' Social Security checks are in jeopardy because of the USPS's lack of funding. This is false, and she knows it. Most seniors have had their checks electronically deposited since 2013.
Speaker Pelosi just had us vote to give the USPS $25 billion more. However, the USPS was recently given the authority to borrow $10 billion in a recent coronavirus relief bill that President Trump signed into law. USPS and the US Department of the Treasury agreed to loan terms and conditions on July 29. In the USPS's own report issued on June 30, the agency stated it has enough money to make it through at least August 2021. Needless to say, I VOTED NO on this legislation.

I'm not concerned about Ohio's election process. In our state we have a solid system in place where citizens can request an absentee ballot. And, of course, people can always vote in-person early or on Election Day. It is also clear that even a massive surge in absentee voting would pale in comparison to peak mail volume around the holiday season. That said, I have encouraged Postmaster General DeJoy to work with Secretary of State LaRose to ensure absentee ballots and other election materials are moved through the system timely.