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Rep. Heck: DeJoy Must Go; House "Delivers For America'


Date: Aug. 22, 2020
Location: Washington, DC

Today, Congressman Denny Heck (WA-10) applauded the bipartisan passage of the Delivering For America Act, H.R. 8015, from the House of Representatives. The bill would reverse Postmaster General DeJoy's recent service changes to the United States Postal Service and provide urgently needed funds, and passed 257 to 150 with Rep. Heck's support. Twenty-six Republicans joined Democrats to vote in favor of the bill.

"Postmaster General DeJoy must go immediately--but a change in leadership is just the first step towards restoring America's confidence in the Postal Service," said Heck. "I am proud to cosponsor the Delivering For America Act, which will repair the damage the President's partisan sabotage has wrought on the Postal Service and its ability to administer mail-in ballots this November. During the most devastating public health crisis in a century, the ability to safely and securely vote by mail is more vital than ever. I will continue fighting until my final day in Congress to ensure every mail-in ballot is delivered and counted--our democracy depends on it."

In addition to undoing Postmaster General DeJoy's damaging service reductions, the Delivering For America Act would also provide $25 billion in emergency funding requested by the Postal Service Board of Governors in April. It would also require the Postal Service to treat all official election material as First Class mail and explicitly prohibit the Postal Service from implementing any new policies that will have the result of slowing mail.

Rep. Heck has been a staunch supporter of the Postal Service during his tenure in Congress. On Tuesday, August 18, Rep. Heck stood with local officials in defense of Post Offices in Olympia and Tumwater, and listened to how the service degradation under Postmaster General DeJoy has affected the South Sound.

Rep. Heck is a cosponsor of the USPS Fairness Act, which would repeal the Postal Service's onerous mandate to pre-fund healthcare benefits for future retirees, and voted in support of its passage earlier this year. He is also a cosponsor of the Protect Our Post Office Act, which also would have provided $25 billion in emergency funds to the Postal Service in response to COVID-19.

Article I, Section 8, Clause 7 of the U.S. Constitution empowers Congress "To establish Post Offices and Post Roads."