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Conservatism During Covid

Floor Speech

By: Ted Budd
By: Ted Budd
Date: Sept. 16, 2020
Location: Washington, DC


Mr. BUDD. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to set the record straight.

The American people are wondering what Congress is doing to help folks who are still struggling from the effects of COVID-19 on their health and on all of our economy. They see no movement in negotiations, and I have had folks back home ask me, What are you all doing up there? Well, sadly, the answer is, Not much, really.

Some in this Chamber claim that it is us, the Republicans, who have no solutions on COVID. Nothing could be further from the truth. Let me just speak for myself. I have introduced more than a dozen bills with my colleagues. Some of these bills are bipartisan, and they apply time- tested conservative principles to help people impacted and hurt by COVID-19.

These are bills that expand healthcare access. They support workers. They incentivize telework. They assure safe public housing. They simplify PPP loans. Mr. Speaker, they stop stimulus payments to dead people, of all things. They explore temperature checks at airports. They establish flexible funding for States and localities; a bill that holds China accountable, and helps incentivize a safe reopening of our country, and much, much more. Each and every one of these bills has been denied a vote in this House.

Mr. Speaker, I understand the politics of being less than 50 days away from an election. And I get the political calculation that has been made. The Speaker started this year--right there--by ripping up the President's State of the Union. And she seems intent on ending it by smearing Republicans as enemies of the State and blocking any meaningful bills to help hardworking Americans.

But the American people deserve to know that my Republican colleagues and I, we stand ready to govern and ready to pass commonsense conservative policies that will help them make it through this pandemic.