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Fox News "Hannity" - Transcript Interview with Lindsey Graham



Joining us now, Senate Judiciary Committee chairman, he'll be presiding over all of this, Lindsey Graham.

Senator, welcome to the program.


HANNITY: It's interesting how all the precedent was broken by them, right? Now they're threatening --

GRAHAM: Yes --

HANNITY: -- to stack the court.

GRAHAM: Right. It's pretty obvious they want an outcome. They'll destroy anybody's life to keep these seats open.

They said -- they tried to destroy Brett Kavanaugh so they could fill the seat. They were dumb enough to say that.

I've seen this movie before. It's not going to work. It didn't work with Kavanaugh.

We've got the votes to confirm Justice Ginsburg's replacement before the election. We're going to move forward in the committee. We're going to report the nomination out of the committee to the floor of the United States Senate, so we can vote before the election.

That's the constitutional process. After Kavanaugh, everything changed with me. They're not going to intimidate me, Mitch McConnell or anybody else.

I'm getting outraised three to one, outspent four to one. If you want to help me fight back, go to https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__LindseyGraham.com&d=DwICAg&c=cnx1hdOQtepEQkpermZGwQ&r=tgDLkJy54PfJyWJwul3dKe54qGxqO7b7d5vjo7RcZds&m=LDVgorRycLZaICZJyHs7_21l8naQNYJLCmEYDBMM8NA&s=phIDu9vVyrn94qt1taqLQswMiaBjzYmDr7TIFlNQMFk&e= , five or ten bucks from half your audience would fill in the gap that I'm facing.

But we're going to have a process that you'll be proud of. The nominee is going to be supported by every Republican in the Judiciary Committee, and we've got the votes to confirm the judge, the justice on the floor of the Senate before the election, and that's what's coming.

HANNITY: Senator, they want to stack the court. They want to end the filibuster for even legislation.


HANNITY: They're talking about impeaching the president, impeaching the attorney general, all the precedent had been broken so far by Democrats.

Now, they're going to take it to this level. Do you -- because they've already done it before, why would they -- why would we not believe them now?

GRAHAM: Name one liberal justice nominated by a Democrat that had their life ruined. They're talking about changing the Electoral College.

If they keep the House, the Senate and the White House, this country will change fundamentally. The Electoral College will be obliterated. We'll go to a popular vote.

D.C and Puerto Rico will become states, so there'd be 104 senators. It goes on and on and on. There will be additional members of the Supreme Court. They'll all be liberal.

They're going to take the process, the rules and change them to their benefit.

Now, the only thing stopping them is you the voter. If you want to help me and other Republicans, get into the game. They're killing us financially.

I'm in South Carolina, not exactly a liberal state. My opponent is going to raise $80 million. I need conservatives to help me. You need to help us all. https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__LindseyGraham.com&d=DwICAg&c=cnx1hdOQtepEQkpermZGwQ&r=tgDLkJy54PfJyWJwul3dKe54qGxqO7b7d5vjo7RcZds&m=LDVgorRycLZaICZJyHs7_21l8naQNYJLCmEYDBMM8NA&s=phIDu9vVyrn94qt1taqLQswMiaBjzYmDr7TIFlNQMFk&e= .

HANNITY: Oh, by the way, Barbara Streisand, Rosie O'Donnell, they want to tell South Carolina how to vote.

All right, Senator. Thank you. We'll be watching and having you back on as we move in this process.