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Ruppersberger Issues Statement in Response to President Trump's Refusal to Commit to Peaceful Transfer of Power

Press Release

Date: Sept. 24, 2020
Location: Washington, DC

"Since our nation's second president, John Adams, left office in 1801, the loser of every presidential election has willingly and peacefully vacated office. This peaceful transfer of power is now seen as a hallmark of American democracy. President Trump's refusal to commit to this should alarm and disturb every American who values their right to vote and be counted.

We should all be equally appalled by President Trump's suggestion that if we "get rid of the ballots,' there "won't be a transfer, frankly, there'll be a continuation.' Clearly, President Trump does not believe the results at the ballot box matter.

Every time you run for office, you must consider the possibility that you will lose. I am a competitive person, but never once over the course of my time in elected office have I considered de-legitimizing votes for my opponent or refusing to respectfully hand the baton to my successor. Sowing fear and doubt into the electoral process is a tactic used by waning dictators, not leaders confident in their vision for the future and their ability to be on the winning side of the ticket.

I am urging all Americans to cast their ballots and demand that President Trump respect the results of November's election, win or lose."