Rose Announces Over $190 Million in Federal Grants Secured for Staten Island and S. Brooklyn

Press Release

By: Max Rose
By: Max Rose
Date: Oct. 8, 2020
Location: Staten Island, NY

Congressman Max Rose announced today that since January 2019, more than $190 million in federal grants has been secured and awarded to New York's 11th Congressional District, including over $100 million in CARES Act funding to support local hospitals' ongoing response to the coronavirus pandemic. In his first term, Rose also secured funding for projects to improve transportation, confront the opioid epidemic, and fortify Staten Island and South Brooklyn against future storms.

"At a time when so much of what we're seeing coming out of Washington is political posturing and partisan blame games, my focus has always been on getting results," Rose said. "Forget politics--this is real money in the hands of our hospitals, nonprofits and institutions, and shovels in the ground for projects that will make life better for Staten Islanders and South Brooklynites. Because for far too long, this district has been forgotten, ignored, or left behind. I made a promise to change that once and for all and we're just getting started."

In addition to funding for some of Rose's top priorities since taking office, including combating the opioid epidemic, and ending the commuting nightmare, Rose also secured more than $100 million in funding for local hospitals through the CARES Act, which he helped pass earlier this year.

Breakdown of Federal Grants:

Department of Health and Human Services: over $128,000,000
Over $100 million in CARES Act funding for the coronavirus response
Over $4 million for Head Start early childhood development programs
Over $2 million for substance abuse and mental health programs, including the HOPE program.
Department of Homeland Security: nearly $30,000,000
Critical upgrades to Richmond University Medical Center to mitigate flooding and wind damage during future storms and weather disasters
Federal Emergency Management Agency: over $13,800,000
Over $13 million for Superstorm Sandy-related repairs to the Lemon Creek Marina
Over $750,000 in nonprofit security grants
Department of Transportation: over $13,600,000
Over $4 million to conduct maintenance and safety enhancements at the St. George Ferry Terminal
$9 million to improve bus safety and accessibility in south Brooklyn
National Science Foundation: over $2,300,000
Department of Labor: $1,100,000
Health Resources and Services Administration: over $650,000
Department of Education: over $360,000 to support child care programs
National Endowment for the Humanities: $108,000
National Education Association: $50,000
Department of Housing and Urban Development: over $19,000
TOTAL: over $190,900,000
Rose continued, "With the havoc that this pandemic has wreaked on state and local budgets, it's never been more important to make sure that these federal dollars actually make it into the hands of Staten Island and South Brooklyn. But this also underscores why it's so important for both parties to come together and pass another relief package. With $100 million in CARES Act funding, we've proven that if Congress provides the aid, we'll make sure it gets to the hospitals and first responders who need it most. We're ready to do it again--but we need leaders in both parties to stop the blame games, get back to the negotiating table and get it done."

Today's announcement comes just one month after Rose announced that his office has helped secure or return over $18 million to Staten Islanders and South Brooklynites, including more than $555,000 from Social Security and more than $16 million in COVID-19 relief funding.