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Nomination of Toby Crouse

Floor Speech

Date: Nov. 17, 2020
Location: Washington, DC


Mr. MORAN. Madam President, I rise this evening in support of the nomination of Toby Crouse to serve as a U.S. district judge for the District of Kansas. I am joined on the floor this evening by the senior Senator from Kansas, Senator Roberts, and we take our responsibility seriously in vetting judicial nominees, particularly true when the seat that is under consideration--when the seat that is vacant--is from our home State of Kansas. We need good, solid judges who interpret the Constitution in ways that enforce the law and provide justice and equity.

I can tell my colleagues that Toby Crouse is highly qualified, both professionally and personally, to fill this seat.

Toby has had a distinguished career since earning a law degree from the University of Kansas. He completed two Federal clerkships, including one that was with the Tenth Circuit. He then became a partner at Kansas's largest law firm, Foulston Siefkin, before he was appointed as the State's solicitor general in 2013, a position he currently holds while maintaining a solo law practice.

Throughout his career, Toby has come to possess extensive trial and appellate experience in both State and Federal courts. As the solicitor general, he has argued before the Supreme Court three times.

I have had the opportunity to have numerous conversations with Toby, with his law professors, with his colleagues, and members of the bar in Kansas, and he comes highly recommended. The bar in Kansas, as well as the bench, is anxious for this position to be filled so that justice will not be delayed. And the American Bar Association rates Toby as ``well qualified.''

I want to thank Chairman Graham and the Judiciary Committee for approving this nomination and Leader McConnell for bringing this nomination to the floor for our consideration this evening. I am confident that Mr. Crouse will serve on the Federal bench with distinction, and I encourage my colleagues to vote for his final confirmation.