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Recognizing Commander Christopher John Arbuckle

Floor Speech

Date: Nov. 19, 2020
Location: Washington, DC


Mr. WITTMAN. Madam Speaker, I rise today to recognize those men and women who continue to serve this great Nation with honor--men such as Commander (CDR) John Arbuckle, United States Navy.

For the past year, CDR Arbuckle served on my staff as a Congressional Defense Fellow. A 1998 graduate of the United States Naval Academy, CDR Arbuckle is a proud Naval Aviator who has also earned his Juris Doctor from the University of Kentucky. During his assignment in my office, CDR Arbuckle provided senior-level input for defense, veterans, foreign affairs and intelligence matters. Additionally, he executed his work as a liaison to the constituents of Virginia's First Congressional District with distinction.

Furthermore, CDR Arbuckle provided exceptional support to me as a staff liaison to the House Armed Services Committee in my role as the Seapower and Projection Forces Subcommittee Ranking Member. CDR Arbuckle dutifully provided me with guidance on what the Navy's path forward should be in critical areas such as training, readiness, and manning. His recent command experience was invaluable to my work in Congress.

As the Co-Chair of the Congressional Shipbuilding Caucus and the Co- Chair of the Navy-Marine Corps Caucus, I relied on CDR Arbuckle to organize quarterly events with government, military, and private sector leaders. These events allowed key decisionmakers to work together for the advancement of our future Naval Officers as well as the construction and repair of the ships on which they will serve.

CDR Arbuckle also directly contributed to my goal of providing excellent constituent service to the people of the First District. He was responsible for bringing numerous constituent inquiries to a successful conclusion, and he leveraged his personal and operational experience in the Navy to respond to the most challenging inquiries. In addition to his efforts locally, CDR Arbuckle took on projects with regional, state, and national implications, demonstrating his ability to view a challenge from many angles and develop innovative solutions.

CDR Arbuckle's work ethic, duty to mission, and commitment to servant leadership is without equal. I believe that his personal drive to achieve excellence in his work has and will set a very high standard for his peers. I would also like to thank CDR Arbuckle for the service and sacrifice he has made, and continues to make, both for our Nation and our great Navy. His impeccable integrity, boundless work ethic, and loyal devotion to duty earned him the respect and admiration of my staff and the First District of Virginia. I have no doubt that CDR Arbuckle will continue to serve the Navy honorably and with distinction.

I wish John and his wife Allison, children Ella and Jack, the best of luck as they continue their journey together as a Navy family. It was an honor and a pleasure having John serve on my staff. We all can sleep soundly at night knowing that members of our all-volunteer force like John stand ready to defend our country and take the fight to our enemies; far away from their families and the comforts of the United States of America.

I thank CDR John Arbuckle for a fantastic job. Best of luck to him and may God bless him, his family, and all the Sailors he is charged with leading.