Their Biographies, Issue Positions, Voting Records, Public Statements, Ratings and their Funders.

Thanking My Campaign Team and Supporters

Floor Speech

Date: Dec. 3, 2020
Location: Washington, DC


Mr. SHIMKUS. Mr. Speaker, another group that I would like to pause and thank is my campaign team and supporters.

It is amazing how diverse this group is. They are young and old; they are rich and poor; they live in towns, villages, and isolated country roads. While conservative in ideology, they identify as Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, and even Independents.

These are the people who walked in parades; they helped pass out balloons, candy, and political literature; they carried signs; they put up and took down political signs of all sizes; they helped stuff mail and phone-bank; they organized fundraisers, both big and small; they manned booths at county fairs.

What causes people to give up their time, their talents and possessions to a candidate, party, or cause? It is at the heart of a representative democracy, our constitutional Republic.

If someone is going to cast a vote for you, shouldn't you know their beliefs?

If you feel strongly about an issue, wouldn't you want to help a kindred spirit?

I started to run for Federal office 28 years ago, unsuccessful then. I was successful 4 years later.

When asked in 1992 what I stood for, I replied:

Less government, individual responsibility, lower taxes, and more personal freedoms and liberties.

I followed immediately with:

I am pro-life, and I support the Second Amendment, and I am a churchgoer.

My volunteers subscribe to these values. They decided not only to vote for me, but they also actively engaged in campaign activities.

Mr. Speaker, one way to thank my volunteers and supporters is to list their names in the Congressional Record, which I am doing today. They are:

Mayor Al Adomite, Floyd Alexander, Kirby Ballard, Sue Barfield, Steve Barker, Rhonda Belford, Bill Bethel, Ruth Buettner, Glen Bolger, Pat Brady, Jen Daulby, Rosalee Davis, Marty and Donna Davis, Sherri Long Deeder, Mayor Dick Dietz, Chris Dudley, Sue (and Jack) Dwyer, Bill Enlow, Bruce and Matt Flannigan, The Tony Fuhrman Family, Mayor Allen Gaffner, Kenny and Joni Garret, Andy Goleman, Brad Goodrich, Wally and Evie Gorski, Wes and Rene Gozia, Brad Graven.

Doug Hartman, Karen Hasara, Holly Healey, Brian Heckert, Bob Hermsmeyer, Dennis Herrington, Nita Hill, Mark and Elaine Hoffman, Nancy Kimme, Bob Kjellander, Gwen Klinger, Doug Knebel, Lynn Koch, Gale and Pat Koelling, Greg Knott, J.C. Kowa, Kelvin Kuneth, Keith and Judy Loemker, Kay Long, Tom and Robin Long, Senator David Luechtefeld, Curt and Lu Maddox, Tony Marsh, Mark and Carol Mestemacher, Don and Joanne Metzler, Guy Michael, Tom and Robin Long.

Kathy Lynch, Kathy Lydon, Andy and Judy Madonia, Tony Marsh, Mayor Billy McDaniel, State Representative Charlie Meier, Mark and Carol Mestemacher, Lois Olson, Bill and Emily Olson, Paul Palazollo, Katherine Parker, Randy Pollard, Richard Porter, Bob Radmacher, Ed and Meredith Ragsdale, Mark and Shirley Repking, Pat Roddick, Dora Rohan, Tim Schneider, The Schulte family, Tim Schneider, Randy Shroyer, Irv Smith, Tim Smith and Scott McPherson, Kristy Koch Stephenson, State Representative Ron Stephens, Richard Stubblefield, Steve Tomaszewski, Wes Tucker, Troy Uphoff, Senator Frank Watson, Don and Wanda Weder, Jim Wham, Bob Winchester, Sharon Woodward, Boone Wooden.

Mr. Speaker, there is always a risk when you recognize people and name names. Most of us, when we do that, forget someone who should have been mentioned. If I have done that, I apologize. My intent is not to exclude but to offer thanks.

Until I officially leave office, I can add names to the Congressional Record, so if I have forgotten you, let me know and I will submit your name.

Many of my supporters have died. I mourned their loss with their families. I tried to attend either the wake or the funeral. We also tried to send notes, memorials, or flowers, whatever was deemed appropriate at the time.

All of my colleagues here on both sides of the aisle share this experience. We would not be here without our supporters. We couldn't have survived our primary or general election without a core group of people who believed in us and would always answer the call when we needed them.

As long as we have people willing to, as Teddy Roosevelt said, step into the arena and we have people willing to support them, we as a nation will be fine.

My thanks to them, my volunteers and supporters.