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Bill to Strengthen National Heritage Areas Passes House

Press Release

Date: Dec. 3, 2020
Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Representative David B. McKinley, P.E. (R-W.Va) applauded the House passage of the National Heritage Area Act, which establishes, for the first time, standard criteria for designating new National Heritage Areas and creates a uniform process for maintaining existing ones. McKinley was a lead sponsor of the bill.

"The National Heritage Area Act will allow us to continue to celebrate and promote Wheeling and the Appalachian Forest and dozens of sites across the country," McKinley said. "The bill creates standard criteria for the management of these popular public-private-partnerships and will help preserve our heritage, spur economic growth and create jobs."

National Heritage Areas are sites that hold historic, cultural, and natural significance to the people of the United States of America. The National Heritage Area (NHA) Program is a cost-effective program run through the Department of the Interior based on a public-private partnership model that matches every federal dollar with an average of $5.50 in other public and private funding.

There are 55 National Heritage Areas across the country including the Appalachian Forest and Wheeling National Heritage Areas located in West Virginia. These sites and the organizations that maintain them have become a source of vital job creation and economic, cultural, historical, environmental, and community development.