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Warning of Marxism in America

Floor Speech

Date: Dec. 17, 2020
Location: Washington, DC


Mr. GROTHMAN. Mr. Speaker, in addition to addressing the Chair, I also want to address any history or civics teachers dealing with America and make some requests to them tonight.

In order to understand the current events and understand why I and some other people are so concerned about the outcome of this election, we must have a discussion of Marxism.

All American schoolchildren should have an understanding of Marxism. To understand why over 30,000 American troops died in Korea, we must know a little bit about Marxism. To understand why over 50,000 American troops died in the Vietnam war, we must know a little bit about Marxism.

When I think of Marxism, I think of three things. I think of their hatred of God and hatred of religion. I think of Karl Marx's thesis when he was back in college. It was in part titled ``I Hate All Gods.'' And, of course, I think when China bragged about getting rid of the last churches, so I always associate Marxism with the end of Christianity.

Secondly, I associate Marxism with the elimination of the family as a social unit. As a matter of fact, the elimination of the family as a social unit was one of the original goals of Karl Marx. I believe he was already teaming up with Engels by that time.

Finally, the desire to get rid of private property--by ``private property,'' it means: Do individuals have the right to own their own house, to form their own business, to buy whatever they want?

Those are the three things I think of when I think of Marxism.

I hope all American children are familiar with Communist China, Soviet Russia, Cuba, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Once you learn about the horrible things that have happened to these people and the places, Mr. Speaker, I want you to think about a quote.

Now, we spend a great deal on military expenditures here, and we are going to wrap things up some time in the next week around here, spending more money, again, on troops, ships, and airplanes. But Nikita Khrushchev warned us--actually bragged about--we will take America without firing a shot.

Now, think of that. Here we spent all this money on nuclear weapons, airplanes, ships, troops, and tanks--some made in my district--but Nikita Khrushchev said: That is not how we are going to defeat you. We are going to defeat you internally.

I would assume if they are going to defeat us, it is because we don't understand what Marxism is.

Things that concern me right now is the elevation of Black Lives Matter. Two of the three founders of Black Lives Matter made no qualms about it: We are Marxists.

To drive it home, on their website, which they took down when it became a little embarrassing going into the election: We disrupt the Western-prescribed family.

I recently ran into a woman in my district who complained that her children were driven into debt because she and her husband worked hard and had a good middle-class family. She felt other parents who did not get married and did not form nuclear families were given preference as far as getting university grants. Of course, they are given preferences as far as healthcare, as well.

So, I think we should be concerned when we have a group that, as far as I can see, almost nobody has publicly disassociated themselves from that makes no bones about the fact that they are Marxists.

It is one of the reasons why I am concerned when I see one of my colleagues from California having a relationship of some sort with someone who was apparently working for Marxist Communist China. That is why I am scared when I see that the mayor of New York, our greatest city, gets elected after he apparently went on a honeymoon to Cuba and apparently idealized something like Cuba. He didn't go there because he thought it was a horrible place.

When we look at this, we have to say: Are we in danger?

I think we are very much in danger when we look at those three things.

Americans do not know what Marxism is. Someday, I would like to have a museum to Marxism just as we have a museum to the Holocaust because all Americans should know about the tens of millions of people who died, the promises the Marxists made to those people, and how it worked out.

I do think, as I said, that as young people are educated about what is going on in the world in the last 100 years, they should learn about Marxism and all the people who died and all the people whose freedoms have been taken away and realize that there are genuinely people out there who want to get rid of the old-fashioned nuclear family.

I should interrupt myself for just one second here. The people who wrote on the website for Black Lives Matter described it as a Western patriarchic family. The idea of having a mom and dad at home and a dad being part of a child growing up is not just an American or Western thing. It is an African thing, and it is an Asian thing. It has happened all the time, and it is a little bit of a slam on these other cultures to imply that they do not have an old-fashioned nuclear family in other cultures as well.

Nevertheless, when I look at that many people without firing a shot who apparently don't have a big problem with Marxism, it does scare me.

So, tonight, I will ask my colleagues to do what they can as they get out and about and as they give speeches to tell particularly young people what Marxism is. I hope all teachers of our young people educate them as to what type of government a lot of very powerful people around this world wish we had and how things worked out for other countries when they adopted that Marxism model.