Don't Mess with Texas-22 Volleyball Teams

Floor Speech

Date: Dec. 18, 2020
Location: Washington, DC


Mr. OLSON. Madam Speaker, I rise today to do something Texans love to do: to brag about my home State. I am going to brag about two Texas-22 volleyball teams that made the Texas finals this past weekend.

The Fulshear Chargers have played 4 short years of high school volleyball. It took them only 3 years to win the State title in class 4-A. That was last year. This year, they moved up to class 5-A. A downgrade? No. They went to the 5-A State finals, losing to undefeated Lovejoy.

In 6-A, the Seven Lakes Spartans were amazing. Despite having half the team down with COVID and not being able to practice for 2\1/2\ weeks, they won the 6-A championship, the first team ever in the 101- year history of the Katy Independent School District to win the State title.

Madam Speaker, 1 million neighbors in Texas-22 and Santa Clause congratulate and are darn proud of our Spartans and our Chargers. They have proved once and for all: Don't mess with Texas-22 volleyball teams.

Ho, ho, ho.