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Congressman Don Young Issues Statement Following Passage of COVID Relief and Government Funding Package


Date: Dec. 21, 2020
Location: Washington, DC

Following House passage of legislation to provide for federal government appropriations and COVID-19 relief, Alaska Congressman Don Young released the following statement:

"It is no secret that we are living through unprecedented times. Amid a global pandemic and in the midst of the holidays, families in Alaska and across the country have been left wondering if they will be able to put food on their dinner tables, make rent, or send their children back to school. COVID-19 has devastated our economy, and the threat of a government shutdown would have only made it worse. Americans are counting on Congress not only to deliver pandemic relief, but to keep the federal government open for the countless military families and public servants most threatened by a shutdown. It is my great hope that this package provides the assistance necessary to get our families through the holidays, and into a New Year full of opportunity, growth, and the end of this pandemic. This is a vital bill that arrives at a critical moment in our fight against COVID-19. Individuals and families will once again receive direct cash assistance, expanded Unemployment Insurance will be available for those who need it, and the highly successful Paycheck Protection Program will make billions available to help keep our businesses open and employees on the payroll.

I am pleased that we have reached a deal on COVID relief and government funding. Full-year funding and resources to save lives and livelihoods is a significant accomplishment. But our nation deserves confidence and stability; eleventh-hour negotiations and arbitrary dayslong government funding extensions are no way to govern. Too many people are hurting in what otherwise should be a joyous time of year. Our constituents sent us to Washington to keep our country running; shutdowns are never the answer, and we must recommit ourselves to fulfilling our constitutionally-mandated duties."