Letter to the Hon. Joseph R. Biden, President of the United States - Schakowsky, Connolly, Welch Lead 70 Members in Urging President Biden to Reverse Harmful Trump-Era Israel Policy


Dear Mr. President,
We commend you for your efforts to bring about a ceasefire that halted the recent terrible
hostilities between Israel and Hamas. This outbreak of violence was a painful reminder that the
Israeli-Palestinian conflict has no military solution and can only be resolved through diplomacy
and a negotiated two-state solution that guarantees the civil and political rights, safety, and self determination of both peoples.
Toward that end, we urge you to reverse the previous administration's abandonment of
longstanding, bipartisan United States policy. We welcome your administration's initial release
of development and humanitarian assistance to the Palestinians, as well as its inclusion in your
FY2022 budget request. In addition, we encourage you to undertake the following steps to align
United States policy with your call for supporting our ally Israel and ensuring equal measures of
freedom, dignity, security and prosperity for Israelis and Palestinians:
● Formally withdraw the previous administration's "peace plan" which paved the way for
possible unilateral annexation of territory and reaffirm as official United States policy the
principles for resolving the conflict referenced by the House of Representatives in H.
Res. 326 (116th Congress);
● Insist through all channels that Hamas stop further rocket attacks against Israel;
● Quickly fulfill your welcome commitment to reopen a separate U.S. consulate in
● Make clear that the United States considers settlements to be inconsistent with
international law by reissuing relevant State Department and U.S. customs guidance to
that effect;
● Strongly oppose the forced expulsion via eviction of Palestinian families from their
homes in East Jerusalem and throughout Palestinian territory;
● Ensure that all relevant official U.S. documents and communications once again
consistently refer to the status of the West Bank and Gaza Strip as occupied;
● Ensure that all remaining congressionally appropriated aid to the Palestinians is disbursed
without undue delay, following all applicable U.S. laws and vetting standards for
recipients and implementing organizations, and;
● Consistently and proactively issue firm public condemnations of specific actions that
violate the rights of either party or undermine the prospects for peace.
While there are additional steps that both parties to the conflict can and must take to preserve
the possibility of one day reaching a two-state solution, we believe the first step for the United
States must be to urgently restore American policy positions conducive to the prospects for
peace. We look forward to supporting you in that effort.