Averting Loss of Life and Injury By Expediting Sivs Act of 2021

Floor Speech

Date: July 22, 2021
Location: Washington, DC


Mr. STANTON. Mr. Speaker, I stand in support of the ALLIES Act.

I believe, as my colleagues have stated so eloquently, that we have a moral obligation and a duty to take care of those who protected and safeguarded American troops in Afghanistan.

Future allies will look at how we treated those who put themselves in harm's way: the thousands of interpreters and others who aided our mission when they are asked to help us in other times of need.

There is one particular group I would like to call special attention to: the Afghan Female Tactical Platoon. This small group of elite Afghan women sought a better future for their country. They were trained by our country's Special Forces and supported our special operation missions during the war. They gathered essential intelligence and helped protect the lives of innocent civilians and American troops. We owe these brave women more than our gratitude. We owe them what they gave us: loyalty and protection.

Because of their gender, they are marked for especially heinous retaliation and punishment by the Taliban. Without our help they will almost certainly be raped, sold into sex trafficking, tortured, or executed all because they helped the American people.

I want to thank Representative Crow for his steadfast leadership on this critically important issue, and I urge my colleagues to approve this essential bill.