Reps. Veasey (D-TX) and McKinley (R-WV) Lead Letter Urging Congressional Leadership to Include Critical Carbon Management Policies in Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan

Press Release

Date: Aug. 27, 2021
Location: Washington, DC

This week, Reps. Marc Veasey (D-TX) and David McKinley (R-WV) sent a letter to Congressional Leadership urging the inclusion of a targeted suite of carbon management policies in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. This comprehensive, bipartisan package will make historical investments to update America's infrastructure. The policies outlined in the letter have strong bipartisan support and play a crucial role in the fight against climate change and our economic recovery.

"I am proud that the bipartisan infrastructure package already includes keys provisions from the SCALE Act, legislation that I introduced earlier this year that makes important infrastructure investments to enable a net-zero emission economy," said Representative Veasey. "It is critical that we continue to build on this momentum by including additional carbon management policies in the final infrastructure package to ensure we not only address climate change but also create thousands of good-paying jobs."

"Commercializing carbon capture on a large scale is vital in reducing emissions worldwide. However, it will not be successful without the infrastructure needed to move the captured C02 to underground storage or customers who can use it. We need to ensure Congress takes steps to ensure bipartisan policies that will help advance these projects," said Representative McKinley.

The letter calls for investments in the buildout of regional CO2 transport and storage networks, enhancements to the 45Q Tax Credit, investments in commercial scale carbon capture pilot projects, and reforms for the Section 48A Tax Credit. Bipartisan legislation co-led by Representatives Veasey and McKinley and outlined in the letter would achieve those goals.