Resolution Related to Cuba, H. Res. 760

Floor Speech

Date: Nov. 4, 2021
Location: Washington, DC


Mr. DeFAZIO. Madam Speaker, on November 3, 2021, I inadvertently voted in favor of H. Res. 760 when I intended to vote against it. Even though the resolution passed by a large margin in the House of Representatives, I oppose this resolution and am disappointed it passed the House.

Let me be clear: I strongly support those in Cuba who are protesting against the repressive and anti-democratic Cuban regime, and I support this resolution's sentiment in solidarity with Cubans who are demonstrating peacefully for fundamental freedoms.

However, this resolution is flawed and does not present real solutions for Cuba or its people. It completely ignores the U.S.'s decades-long failed policy toward Cuba and fails to acknowledge the negative impact that this failed U.S. policy has had on the Cuban people.

Throughout my time in Congress, I have worked with my colleagues to change the decades-long failed U.S. policy toward Cuba. Among the goals I've worked toward are lifting the ban on U.S. citizens traveling to Cuba and lifting the restrictions on selling food and medicine to Cuba. I have supported legislation that would achieve these goals.

I was also a supporter of former President Obama's proposals to allow U.S. companies to establish banking relations, ease travel restrictions, and export some goods including agricultural products-- and I strongly oppose former President Trump's reversal of these Obama- era policies.

At the beginning of President Biden's administration, I joined several of my colleagues in urging President Biden to take executive action to reverse the Trump administration's wrong-headed policies toward Cuba, return to the Obama administration's diplomatic proposals, and pursue an end to the nearly six-decade-long economic embargo of Cuba.

As a longtime supporter of reviewing our country's position on Cuba, I will continue to support reform efforts.