Build Back Better Act

Floor Speech

Date: Nov. 19, 2021
Location: Washington, DC


Mr. NUNES. Madam Speaker, the Democrats have summoned us to the House floor today to debate their unaffordable socialist spending bill. It is rather novel for Congress to debate a bill that does not yet have final legislative text, but. after suffering alarming electoral defeats earlier this month, the Democrats appear desperate to save President Biden's domestic agenda, regardless of the consequences. So, here we are.

While the bill's actual provisions remain unclear, what is clear is the Biden administration's zeal to permanently transform the American economy. In an October press conference, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki went to great lengths to explain that the Democrats' reconciliation spending bill is seen by the President as a vehicle to remake the economy.

Biden seeks to ``do something historic that will fundamentally change the economy,'' she declared. He's seeking to make ``fundamental changes,'' she added. She later noted that the President seeks to ``make fundamental change in our economy,'' ``change fundamentally how we invest in our workforce,'' ``fundamentally change the economy,'' and ``fundamentally change people's lives.''

We should take Psaki at her word--President Biden believes he has found basic flaws in our economic system, and the solution is to inject trillions of dollars into government programs.

Earlier this year, the President made a down payment on this fundamental transformation when he signed into law the Democrats' $1.9 trillion so-called stimulus plan. The economic impact has been staggering: gas prices are reaching record highs, our supply chain is in crisis, small businesses are beset by a government-made labor shortage, and skyrocketing inflation is making everyday life unaffordable for working Americans.

The response from Democrats has been instructive. First, Democrats denied that inflation existed at all. Then, they claimed Republicans were exacerbating concerns over what they deemed ``transitory inflation'' for political gain. Next, they said inflation was both not transitory and, in fact, a good thing for the economy. Now, they accuse Republicans of opposing their plan to tackle the inflation they claimed was a good thing.

If inflation is indeed a good thing, then America is in luck--the Democrats' Build Back Better agenda promises much more of it. It's as if the Democrats are attempting to hyperinflate their way out of inflation.

This unaffordable bill won't solve the problems the Democrats have created. It won't lower energy prices, or tame inflation, or resolve the supply chain crisis, or help Americans get back to work. To the contrary, it's an ideological bill designed to implant socialism irreversibly in the federal government.

The whole bill is a slap in the face to the American people. Thankfully, however, this debate is just political theater, since we all know the bill, whenever it is finally passed by House Democrats, will die a quick death in the Senate.