Exempt Critical Workers From Vaccine Requirements

Floor Speech

Date: Dec. 2, 2021
Location: Washington, DC


Mr. NEWHOUSE. Mr. Speaker, our country is in a time of crisis. President Biden's policies have broken our supply chain; caused nationwide shortages and delays; and now, President Biden is holding the workers who keep our country running hostage through his vaccine mandates, further threatening our economic stability.

Federal employees throughout central Washington who operate and protect critical facilities are facing termination over what should be a personal medical decision. They don't deserve to be fired.

That is why I introduced the Exemptions for Critical Workers Act, to ensure these critical workers, who kept our industries functioning long before a vaccine was available to them, can make the health decision that is right for them while continuing their important work.

Just this week, three Federal courts halted the administration's mandate in certain parts of the country for healthcare workers and Federal contractors. Clearly, these mandates are unconstitutional.

I stand with the men and women who were asked to stand on the front lines for our sake, and I urge my colleagues to support my legislation.