Congressman Keller Votes Against President Biden's Spending Plan, Says Bill Will Do "more Harm Than Good'


Date: Nov. 19, 2021
Location: Washington, DC
Issues: Infrastructure

Today, Congressman Fred Keller (PA-12) issued the following statement after voting against President Biden's $1.75 trillion "Build Back Better" scheme:

"President Biden and Washington Democrats claim that their reckless spending is paid for, but here's the bottom line: it's not. This bill would add $367 billion to our deficit over the next 10 years. That means that every American family will be paying for it in the form of higher taxes, skyrocketing energy costs, and inflated prices for everything from groceries to healthcare. Long after we're gone, our children and grandchildren will still be paying for this outrageous spending. This bill is shameful, and it will do far more harm than good."

In case you missed it, Congressman Keller joined Fox & Friends First this morning to break down the real cost of President Biden and Washington Democrats' "Build Back Better" scheme. Congressman Keller also applauded Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy for speaking on the House Floor for 8 hours and 32 minutes to delay a vote on the massive spending bill and stand up for the American people.

Here are some excerpts from the interview:

I appreciate what [Leader McCarthy] is doing today because, I'll tell you what, he's exposing what's in this bill. He's talking to the American people because the Democrats have all gone home hours ago.


Keep in mind what's in this bill…hiring 87,000 IRS agents to snoop into your bank account if you earn $10,000 dollars a year.


There's actually going to be a carbon tax in here that will be on natural gas which will increase the cost it takes for people to heat their homes.


[Washington Democrats] are the only ones in America that believe spending $5 trillion dollars is going to cost zero. They're digging more deeply into Americans' pockets.


Whoever controls more of your money controls more of your actions. I think it should be you, not the government.


We need to incentivize reopening our economy and getting people back to work. That's part of why I introduced the Congressional Review Act.


Let's stop penalizing America's workers and businesses.