Recognizing Margaret Jackson

Floor Speech

Date: Jan. 21, 2022
Location: Washington, DC


Ms. TLAIB. Madam Speaker, I rise today to celebrate the life of Margaret ``Pookie'' Jackson as we mourn her passing and recognize her contributions to her community in Michigan's 13th District Strong.

Ms. Jackson was born and raised in Detroit, spending the early part of her childhood in the heart of the historic Black Bottom community on Detroit's East Side. The Jackson household was centered around family and their faith, values that remained in Ms. Jackson her whole life.

Ms. Jackson led a quiet life, focused on raising her children in a supportive and loving home. As a single parent, she worked long hours throughout her nearly fifty-year career at Detroit Medical Center, but always saw that their needs were met and nurtured. Ms. Jackson shared her passion for the arts and culture with her children, taking them to many festivals and art exhibits throughout Detroit. She encouraged her children to pursue higher education, to never stop learning, and to make smart decisions about their personal finances.

Outside of her family life, Ms. Jackson was a faithful member of Scott Memorial United Methodist Church, where she enjoyed Adult Sunday School and participating in the United Methodist Women's Ministry. Her entire life, she was surrounded by love. She will be missed by her family, friends, and community.

Please join me in recognizing the life of Margaret Jackson, as we, her friends, and family give honor to her memory.