After Harder's Efforts, Newsom Proposes Gas Tax "Holiday" to Combat High Gas Prices


Date: Jan. 10, 2022
Location: Washington, DC
Issues: Oil and Gas Taxes

Today, Representative Josh Harder applauded Governor Gavin Newsom for heading his recommendation by proposing the state pause increase in the Gasoline State Excise Tax during 2022. Last month, as gas prices hit record highs across the Central Valley, Rep. Harder sent a letter directly to the governor urging him to take this action. This gas tax "holiday" would save California families $523 million this year.

"Last month I wrote directly to the governor on behalf of families across the Valley urging him to stop hiking the gas tax. Today, I'm proud to say that he heard our message loud and clear," said Rep. Harder. "Pausing the increase in the gas tax is a great first step toward getting prices under control, but we have to go further. Governor Newsom, you and Sacramento have the power to bring the gas tax down and fix this problem for good. Do it."