Letter to Hon. Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security - GOP calls on Sec. Mayorkas to Resign following year of failure & crisis


Dear Secretary Mayorkas,

In light of recent reports displaying your failure to execute the primary mission of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to secure our nation from its many threats through your inability and refusal to enforce the immigration laws, we call on you to resign as Secretary of Homeland Security.

Our nation is facing increases in criminal gang activity, human trafficking, and drug smuggling at the hands of your decisions to circumvent the law and handcuff U.S. Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials.

A leaked recording from a recent meeting in Yuma, Arizona, confirmed the dwindling confidence Border Patrol agents have in the Department and its Secretary. In the recording, you acknowledged those agents are doing tasks outside of their job description and that their job is continually demonized. Additionally, they asserted that they feel no support from their Secretary. You have admitted to making Border Patrol agents' jobs more difficult, yet do nothing to ameliorate that problem. Instead, you make it exponentially harder for agents to do their job by implementing Biden administration directives that go against their Congressionally-mandated responsibilities.

Throughout your year in office, common-sense policies have been rescinded, directly resulting in chaos and disaster at the southern border. In the previously mentioned Yuma meeting, agents questioned the status of the Remain in Mexico program and you agreed that "the numbers are not where they need to be" when it comes to illegal migrants awaiting adjudication trial in Mexico under section 235(b)(2)(C) of the Immigration and Nationality Act to awaiting removal proceedings.

The suspension and cancellation of border barrier construction has further exacerbated the crisis and is yet another strategy you have reversed course on, but we have seen no production. There is no national security if our border is wide open.

As you know, DHS recorded more than two million encounters with illegal immigrants at the southern border last fiscal year, exceeding previous records and bringing with it soaring numbers of drug seizures and criminal activity. In the wake of these record-high numbers, there have been reports of secret flights transporting illegal immigrants around the country. The American people have discovered that not only has DHS been using taxpayer dollars to fund these flights, but they are purposefully hiding the flight destinations and allowing Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to accept arrest warrants as a form of identification to board. In abandoning any semblance of transparency and prioritizing illegal immigrants over American citizens, you and DHS have failed our nation and our people.

These many incidents are alarming on their own; together, they depict a complete failure to lead the Department. Following one year of disastrous policies, nonexistent support for your agents' ability to enforce immigration laws, and the total loss of faith from the American people, we call for your resignation as Secretary of Homeland Security.