Recognizing the Women's Club of Hialeah in Honor of Women's History Month

Floor Speech

Date: March 9, 2022
Location: Washington, DC


Mr. DIAZ-BALART. Madam Speaker, in honor of Women's History Month, I rise today to recognize the Women's Club of Hialeah, whose dedication towards bettering Southern Florida and giving back to the community has had a significant impact on Florida's 25th Congressional district.

The Women's Club was founded in the house of Mrs. James Bright and Mrs. Lua A. Curtiss on May 4, 1922. These dedicated women lived in Hialeah and created the club with the goal to form a library for the city. The first venue used for the library was the porch of one of the ten members, all the books for the library were donated by members for the community. As the club started to evolve it became part of the General Federation of Women's Clubs, with their first project being art classes for children. The Women's club moved locations of their library multiple times over the years and were challenged when a hurricane wiped away one of their sites. Regardless of the obstacles that had to be overcome, they remained hopeful and persistent.

After many years of searching for a clubhouse to call home, the Women's Club of Hialeah moved into the Old Chamber of Commerce building in Hialeah. While there they held different events such as a dance for the Senior High students, sponsored a free clinic for babies, and donated dresses and clothes to the PTA for children in need. The club also worked on multiple projects around Hialeah to brighten the city and to eliminate pollution. Due to many of the projects done in Hialeah the Women's Club was able to create the Hialeah Pollution Environmental Control Board that was adopted in 1971.

The Women's Club of Hialeah has been organizing events and acts of services for now 100 years in May. Some of the events that have been held here are monthly Bunco parties for seniors and others, cooking classes for mothers and daughters, an annual Pink Party to raise money and awareness for cancer research, painting classes, a High School Arts scholarship, volunteer support with our County Commissioner and State Senator for Thanksgiving food giveaways and pet adoptions. The club has made an overall impact to not just the city of Hialeah but to many in South Florida.

Madam Speaker, as a beacon of service, it is truly a privilege to work with the highly esteemed Women's Club of Hialeah. Their determination to help others and their continuous generosity in our community has never wavered, and I ask my colleagues to join me in recognizing this outstanding club.