Letter to Joseph R. Biden, President of the United States - Congressman Cohen Adds His Name to Request for Polish Planes for Ukraine


Date: March 12, 2022
Location: Memphis, Tennessee
Issues: Foreign Affairs

Dear President Biden,

I write today to add my name to the letter sent by 15 of my bipartisan colleagues urging continued U.S. commitment to the sovereignty of Ukraine. If I had known about this letter, I would have gladly lent my support. It asks that the U.S. provide additional defense materiel to Ukrainians, strengthen economic sanctions directed at Russia, and increase urgently needed humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

It is particularly important that we help Ukrainians with their air defense capabilities. As mentioned in
the letter, I ask that you work with NATO allies to help supply more comprehensive air defense systems to Ukraine to counter Russia's air superiority. I also want to underscore the importance of facilitating a transfer of aircraft to Ukraine. The Polish government has offered to deliver MiG-29 jets, and I echo my colleagues in asking that the U.S. help make this delivery happen.

I commend the Administration for their strong response thus far as you have worked in concert with our NATO allies. The show of strength and unity has been extraordinary. However, it is incumbent for the U.S. to act as our principles have always dictated to stop unlawful wars involved in committing war crimes, murder and genocide.

The difference between supplying defensive weaponry to Ukraine and allowing Ukrainians to pilot
Polish aircrafts is minimal compared to the death and destruction we will see if Putin is not stopped.
Despite what the U.S. does, Putin will continue his escalation towards the Ukrainians, so we should do
all we can to help them. As bombing commences in Kyiv, Putin will soon be on to Lviv. He will not
stop until Ukraine is totaled, and President Zelensky is dead. We cannot sit back and watch while this

History has shown us time and time again what happens when you appease a dictator. I hope we will
remember these grim lessons from the past and do all we can to prevent them from happening now and in the future.

Thank you for your consideration.