Letter to Hon. Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas, Hon. Ken Paxton, Attorney General of Texas - Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia (Tx-29) Delivers Letter to Governor Abbott and Ag Paxton Demanding the Halt of Their Anti-trans Attacks

Press Release

Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia (TX-29) and 11 members of the Texas Delegation recently delivered a letter to Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Attorney General Ken Paxton demanding their anti-trans directive, issued to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) on February 22, 2022, be rescinded. The letter also urges the withdrawal of Opinion No. KP-0401 -- which was the anti-trans opinion issued by AG Paxton -- that sparked the cruel attack.

"Texas has one of the highest numbers of transgender youth in the country, and they deserve to feel safe in their community just like any American, "said Congresswoman Garcia. "That is why I'm calling on Governor Abbott and AG Paxton to rescind the directive to the Texas DFPS, and to withdraw the anti-trans opinion that provoked this heartbreaking attack on trans youth."

"Governor Abbott is pitting Texans against one another and threatening legal consequences for those properly supporting trans youth -- it's completely appalling," said Congresswoman Garcia. This politically motivated attack contradicts the recommendations of the medical community that gender-affirming healthcare is beneficial for young transgender people. No child in our great Nation should fear being who they are. This order must be halted, we must protect our youth."

The letter was delivered to both Governor Abbott and AG Paxton on Tuesday, March 15, 2022. Congresswoman Garcia is currently awaiting a response from their offices. The full letter can be read below. [Only available in PDF format; please use source to view document]