Fortenberry Statement in Support of Today's 49th Annual March for Life


Date: Jan. 21, 2022
Issues: Abortion

Congressman Jeff Fortenberry (NE-01) made the following statement in support of today's 49th annual March for Life in Washington, DC.

"A cornerstone principle of civilization is the protection of human dignity. None of the other values we hold dear as civilized people make any sense unless we fix our gaze on that ultimate value. Today, in Washington, DC, over 50,000 persons demonstrated their support for human dignity at the annual March for Life. Though I could not be there in person, I stand with them in spirit," Fortenberry said.

"As our country continues necessary conversations about safety and compassion in community, we need to remember that empathy and solidarity are reinforcing principles for just and orderly societies. That starts with the most vulnerable. We cannot talk seriously about equity, inclusion, and justice if we leave one constituency out of the conversation: a mother facing an unexpected pregnancy and her unborn child," Fortenberry added.