No Gas Tax in 2022: O'Halleran Intros House Companion Legislation to Kelly Bill to Suspend Gas Tax, Lower Costs for Arizonans


Today, during a Pro Forma session of Congress, Rep. Tom O'Halleran (AZ-01) introduced the Gas Prices Relief Act, House of Representatives companion legislation to Senator Mark Kelly's Gas Prices Relief Act. The bill would help lower high gas costs for Arizona families by temporarily suspending the 18.4 cent federal gas tax until January 1, 2023.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and supply chain bottlenecks incurred by recent Omicron variant surges have had a harmful effect on our nation's economy, driving up prices at the gas pump and the grocery store. In February, the Consumer Price Index rose 7.5 percent from one year ago, the largest increase in 40 years.

"Even small price increases make a painful dent for rural and tribal families in our district, where Arizonans oftentimes traverse more miles than anywhere else in the country to get to the grocery store, get to the pharmacy or see their doctor, and get to work and school--destinations that those living in bigger cities and towns often travel only blocks to reach," said O'Halleran. "By suspending the federal gas tax through the end of the year, we're working to provide Arizona families with relief at the gas pump--18 cents per gallon--and to lower shipping costs across the board, which will help keep prices of milk, bread, meat, and other important groceries for families down."

"I am glad to see our legislation to lower gas prices for Arizonans is gaining momentum and more support. Arizonans are feeling the strain of higher gas prices and other rising costs. I look forward to working with our growing coalition to get this over the finish line and deliver relief for Arizona families," said Senator Kelly.

In the House, the legislation is co-sponsored by Reps. Davids, Schrier, Harder, Kildee, Correa, Slotkin, Cherfilus-McCormick, and Morelle.

"People in my district and across the country are feeling the pinch at the gas pump and in the grocery store. What's infuriating is that this is happening at the same time that gas and oil companies are making record profits. A gas tax holiday is one way to get relief to American families right away," said Congresswoman Kim Schrier, M.D. (WA-08).

"Families in the Central Valley pay some of the highest gas prices in the country, and I'm sick and tired of government making the situation worse. Today, my colleagues and I introduced legislation to suspend the gas tax so our families can keep a few more dollars in their pockets," said Rep. Josh Harder (CA-10). "My number one priority right now is bringing prices down so everyone can afford to live and raise a family in the Valley. The government needs to stop taxing us left and right, and instead give our families a break."

"I am working to lower costs for Michigan families, including reducing prices at the pump," Congressman Kildee (MI-05) said. "Many families are seeing higher prices because of pandemic-related supply chain issues. Helping to lower gas prices is one way that we can immediately put more money back in the pockets of working families."

"I thank Congressman O'Halleran today for allowing me to co-sponsor and champion the Gasoline Tax Holiday Bill," said Congresswoman Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick (FL-20). "This legislation will greatly help parents who are taking their children to school every day and workers who are commuting to their place of employment. With the sudden rise in inflation, we on Capitol Hill must find ways to reduce the burden families are paying at the pump. To the opponents of this bill, you are telling the American People that you are okay with the price of gas today. That is not in line with what I hear from my constituents in South Florida. It is time we in Congress put our partisan differences aside and support a bill that will bring financial relief to millions of families."

"It's no secret that families are feeling the pinch in their wallets from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic--that's why my colleagues and I are committed to doing everything we can to lower costs," said Congressman Joe Morelle (NY-25). "Waiving the federal gas tax is a common-sense solution that will help ease the burden on families during these challenging times. I'm proud to co-sponsor this legislation and look forward to working alongside Rep. O'Halleran and our partners in Congress to make it a reality."

"We all know the price of gasoline is high. This is a burden on the hardworking people in my district. As we continue to recover from the pandemic, my constituents need some relief from high prices," said Rep. Lou Correa (CA-46). "Temporarily stopping the gas tax will make the difference in what my constituents pay at the pump. It will also bring down the costs of groceries and other items. I am proud to work with my colleagues in Congress to continue to find solutions to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic."

"People are feeling the strain from rising prices at the gas pump, and that's not something I think we should ignore or dismiss. I've heard from Kansans who say the rise in gas prices is cutting into their savings for their kids' education," said Rep. Sharice Davids (KS-03). "A temporary suspension of the federal gas tax is a commonsense step to give Kansans a break from the rising prices while still maintaining our commitment to infrastructure repairs and long-term energy solutions."

Recently, O'Halleran joined members of the New Democratic Coalition in forming the Inflation Working Group. Members in the group work to advance policy solutions that lower costs for American families, free up supply chains, and fight inflationary pressures over the short- and long-term.

O'Halleran also voted to pass the America COMPETES Act, a legislative package to make new investments in research, innovation, and American manufacturing, ensuring that the United States can outcompete any nation in the world for the coming decades. The House also passed an O'Halleran amendment to the bill that tasks the Department of Commerce with publishing a report every four years on supply chain resilience and domestic manufacturing. Watch O'Halleran speak about the bill and his amendment on the House Floor HERE.