Democrats Continue to Drive Stability and Growth in Small Businesses

Floor Speech

Date: April 6, 2022
Location: Washington, DC


Ms. PLASKETT. Mr. Speaker, I thank my colleagues for all the good work that they have done to support American small businesses during the pandemic.

Democrats working with President Biden have helped businesses to keep their lights on and employees on payroll.

Biden's plan has enabled a remarkable rebound in small business activity with small business demand for labor and inventory near record high.

The share of small businesses that have created new jobs in the first quarter of this year is higher than at any point in the Trump administration.

Democrats are continuing to drive stability and growth in small businesses. H.R. 3807 is in furtherance of that. The bill provides $13 billion to establish a Hard Hit Industry's Award Program to provide awards to small businesses across all industries and sectors that were hardest hit by the pandemic, regardless of industry or business.

My colleagues and I are proposing solutions focused on assisting small businesses, the true engine of our Nation's economy, to rebuild and help our economy be better than before.