Letter to Hon. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives-Rep. McClain Leads Letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi Demanding the U.S. Capitol Open to the American People


Dear Madam Speaker,

It was recently announced that the United States Capitol will once again be barricaded and fenced to prevent the American people from accessing the Capitol grounds. While we are supportive of protecting our institutions, denying the American people their right to access our nation's most public and treasured buildings is an abhorrent decision. Your latest plan to fence off the U.S. Capitol further erodes Americans' faith and trust in the People's House.

If you have actual intelligence on a potential threat to the United States Capitol, it is your duty as Speaker of the House of Representatives to give a full briefing to all members of Congress. Making a unilateral decision that denies the American people their right to access public buildings is a disgraceful decision that would only further stain your reputation as a Speaker who has continually denied U.S. citizens their rights.

For nearly two years, you have locked the American people out of the halls of Congress. We are demanding you either overrule the decision by U.S. Capitol security to place fencing around the Capitol grounds, or you give all members of Congress a full briefing on the supposedly imminent and dire threat the State of the Union faces.

We look forward to your immediate response.