Floor Speech

Date: April 25, 2022
Location: Washington, DC


Mr. CORNYN. Madam President, the Senate is now, of course, back in session following a 2-week home work period, as we refer to it. That is when we get to go back home and see our friends and constituents and travel around our States. And in my case, representing 29 million Texans, that entails a fair amount of travel, but it is always good to get reconnected with your friends and your neighbors and your constituents.

I know we are eager to hit the ground running here this week, and certainly, we have a lot to do. For example, the conference committee process for the China competitiveness bill will begin soon, and I am eager to work with the fellow Members of the conference committee to reach a strong, bipartisan bill.

The long list of unrelated partisan provisions in the House bill, though, have no place, in my opinion, in the final agreement, but I am ready to get the ball rolling so we can pass a bill that serves the American people, our economy, and, most importantly, our national security.